Rhino Labs - In Place Block Editing Added

Rhino Labs has released a prototype in RhinoScript a "In Place Block Editor" for Rhino 4.0

  • Edit: Select a block to edit.
    • If the block is a single level block, the block is exploded and everything else is locked.
    • If the block contains nested blocks, select the block to edit from a list. The selected block is exploded and everything else locked.
  • Add to: Swaps the locked status of everything, which lets you select objects to add to the block. Copies of the selected objects are now unlocked and available for editing. Note: To move objects into the block rather than copying them, use the UnlockSelected command to free the objects for selection.
  • Save: Uses all currently unlocked objects to redefine the block.
  • Cancel: Restores everything to the way it was before the edit started.
More info on Rhino Wiki

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