McNeel Press Event

Roopinder Tara has a great article in his current issue of upFront eZine. Detailing the recent Rhino conference in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in conjunction with DIMe, Design Industrial Mexico.

The interview with Bob McNeel and the detailed look at the Rhino business model was amazing. http://www.upfrontezine.com/2007/upf-521.htm


Rhino on Mac OS X native

Rhino on Mac OS X


RhinoReverse 2 for Rhino 4.0 - Reverse Engineering

Creates spline-faces based on given mesh of point data. The user interactions have been reduced on sketching the boundaries for the new faces. All calculations will be done automatically. This leads to a very simple and intuitive handling. One big advantage is the option to represent large complex shapes by a few faces.


Array Pedals

Question: Is there a way of arranging the pedals in the attachment so three of them are equally spaced around the shaft. - Steve

Answer: In the Top view use ArrayPolar, snapping to the center of the shaft edge with the Cen Osnap to set the center of the array. - Pascal

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