Rhino 4.0 Foreshortening Views for Fairing

In Rhino 4 we added the ability to forshorten any view. Along with the ability to add your own display styles. Follow these steps to create a new Foreshorten view style in Rhino.

To Create a new view Style in Rhino:

  1. Go to the Tools Pulldown, select Options.
  2. Under Appearance, select Advanced Settings.
  3. To the right you can select the Display Setting you like and then select Copy.
  4. At the top of the display mode change the name of the Display Mode
To activate the Foreshortening in a display style:
  1. On the left of the dialog, go to Other Settings under the new Display mode you are in.
  2. Change the View Scaling that you want to use. For instance .25 in the Horizontal and 1 in the Vertical scale will forehorten the length of a boat to 1/4 its size.
  3. Press the OK button to save the style.
To use the style in a viewport:
  1. In any view you are in, Right click on the View name.
  2. Select the the Display style you created
  3. The view should foreshorten.
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