Lofted Pillow

1 outline guide curves locked., Control point curve over 1 half.

2 mirror and join the red curve, then removeKnot one knot from the ends where they were joined (green points) This will make the curve remain smooth at these points later when the copies are edited to make them more circular. With the extra Knot there tey would develop kinks and make a mess of the lofts.

Make a planarSrf from the joined curve and use Analyze>Mass properties>Area centroid to find the 'middle'

3 copy the curve vertically twice, then move the point to the same Z value as the top curve. SetPt with the Z box checked and the Near osnap works well for this.

4 Scale 2d the top curve on the center point with the Copy option.

5 Use Smooth on the last two (magenta) curves repeatedly until they are rounder. I smoothed the smaller one a couple more seps than the outer one so that there would be a transition from the cyan curves to the rounder middle curve.

6 Loft the curves to the point (p option in Loft) Use the Loose option in the dropdown menu in Loft.

7,8 you can edit the resulting surface by:

-moving any of the rows of surface points up and down, but f you move the middle point move the next row of points at the same time and keep them in plane or you'll lose the smooth pillowy effect and get a sharp point or a divot.

- Scale2d-ing rows of points, on the middle point would work best.
-PGRhino Newsgroup

Indents for seat in chair

  1. 3 curves
  2. sweep1
  3. Boolean difference
    - Pascal

Rhino Newsgroup


Top Twenty Rhino Plugins

The following are suggestions from the Rhino Newsgroup for the "Top Twenty Rhino Plugins." The following are listed in alpabetical order.

Named View Manager v0.7.1 by Mattias D'Hooghe
Point set reconstruction


Placing circles by their tangent

The quick way, since the points are evenly distributed, is to use
ArrayCrv. Place one copy of the circle/point group at one end of the
scallop like this:

Since the scallop is a series of arcs, Select the circle and point and
start Orient. Set Scale to No. Put on the Near and Point osnaps, (or
Quad and Cen would work as well). Snap the first base point to the
circle itself (near or quad) and the second to the center of the circle,
or your point. Now put on Point and Cen Osnaps and place the circle
snapping first to the point on the scallop, then the center of the arc
the point lies on.

Then use ArrayCrv with 51 copies. Set the base point to the point where
the circle hits the scallop. You could also repeat the above Orient
routine with Copy=Yes, placing copies at each point and snapping to the

In cases where the scallop is not made up of arcs, to place the first
circle, Offset the scalloped curve to the left by some reasonble
distance, say .25. Use the same technique as above but use the Perp
osnap for the second target point- so the first target point is one of
the points on the curve, the second is perp on the offset curve. - Pascal

Rhino Newsgroup

Creating blended fillets

  • Offset all the surfaces by the fillet radius.
  • Intersect them and get a complete curve all around.
  • Delete the offsets
  • Use Pull to suck the intersection curve back to each of the original surfaces.
  • Trim the surfaces with the pulled curves.
  • Pipe the intersection curve to the fillet radius.
  • Trim the pipe with the pulled back curve.
  • Stir gently over low heat, serve immediately.
  • If the pipe winds up having a seam within the final fillet, it might be better to sweep1 a circle around the curve of intersection instead, making sure that the seam in the circle is outside where the final fillet will be trimmmed to. - Pascal

Rhino Newsgroup

Create smooth blended surfaces

Create smooth blended surfaces between the trimmed edges of 2 torus's which have been trimmed using a circle. - Pascal

1. Two Torii
2. BooleanUnion
3. FilletEdge all the edges at once.

Rhino Newsgroup


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rhino3dmodels.com Free Downloads

rhino3dmodels.com now has a Free Download directory. Any registered user can download from the Free Directory. Registration is free.


madCAM 4.0 for Rhino 4.0 Shipping

madCAM the 3D CAM plug-in for Rhinoceros® Gives the operator the ability to perform both modeling and toolpath creation inside Rhino 3D.

$1,495 until June 1, 2007
Upgrades $495

New for Rhino 4.0

Automatic Remachining Video
The remachining is calculated from the true stock model. It works for Z-level finishing and Planar finishing. It is possible to do remachining with any cutter in madCAM, Ball end, Flat End, Corner End and Taper Mill.

Taper Mill option
It is now possible to use taper cutters in madCAM.

Z-level finishing Smooth Corners option
New option for sharp or smooth corners for Z-level finishing. If the cutter can't reach corners on the model due to cutter size, it will normally produce sharp corners on the toolpath. The smooth corners option will create fillets at those corners and make it smooth even when cutting those areas.

Planar finishing Blend option
New option for blending when joining the toolpath curves for Planar finishing. This makes a smoother motion when cutting.


TechGems Rhino 4.0 Compatibility Patch

TechJewel publishers of TechGems has released a Rhino 4.0 update for TechGems - version 4.2 that supports both Rhino 3.0 and 4.0. All registered clients can download this free update www.techjewel.com/upgrade

This version is exactly the same as TechGems 4.1 - only the compatibility with Rhinoceros 4.0 was added. It uses the same installation password and the same HASP protection key (dongle).