Model Dice in Rhino

  1. Use arcs and extrude to make straight sides
  2. Create a torus as shown (Layer 6) and trim to get half a fillet (45 degrees)
  3. Shrink and get the arc in the middle
  4. Blend two adjacent arcs and delete CP's 3+4
  5. Use Sweep2 w/ tan to get outer surfaces
  6. Use extract wireframe to get the middle isoparams
  7. Extend these and create lines as on Layer 7
  8. Use Circle AroundCurve to create a normal
  9. Split these as shown on Layer 6
  10. Copy the planar one halfway up along the normal
  11. Use the two curves and near to create a new curve that matches tangency (Layer 4)
  12. Mirror this
  13. Use sweep2 using one of the theee curves and an edge of the existing surfaces as rails, and another as the cross section - this will approximate your tangency
  14. Mirror this ONCE so that the edges where you had the cross-section are across to each other (NOT over this edge)
  15. Now, use NetworkSrf to make aone of the final patches
  16. 16.Delete the Sweep2 surfs and mirror
The final result is one leaves seams where the tangency doesn't match, but it comes REALLY close. I couldn't get the original faces to join cleanly, so I deleted them, joined all the fillets, and ran cap to produce the final solid. - Matthew

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