Rhino 3D modeling of a Closed Scroll

  1. Red - Curvature circle at endpint of surface edge.
  2. Brown - Lineperp to the edge curve across the circle.
  3. Green - Curve to revolve on vertical line (light green). This does not need to revolve on the endppoint od the other surface edge as it is here, it just seemed convenoient.
  4. Magenta curve Intersection of revolve and initial scroll surface.
  5. Blue line - Lineperp to green revolve profile.
  6. Black - CarcPt from magenta intersection curve to end of Blue perpline, then matched to blue for tangency- other curves will do as well.
  7. Brown - Finish
  8. Cyan - intersection curve and CarcPt joined.
  9. LtPink - revolve trimmed.
  10. Magenta - Sweep2.
  11. Trim and clean up mirror for the vertical half etc to make it closed.
- Pascal Rhino Newsgroup

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