Rhino Reverse 2 BETA for Rhino 4

The first beta version of RhinoReverse 2 (for Rhinoceros 4) is now available for downloading. Please see www.rhinoreverse.icapp.ch for more information.

We focused the new development on three main targets:

  • More design flexibility and high data quality. n-sided faces with n>=2 curves can now be sketched by the user. The accordant trimmed faces are created automatically and the seams are adjusted to reach Rhinos absolute tolerance. The resulting faces, suitable for any solid modelling operation, show high accuracy (close to the given mesh) and smooth transitions.
  • Ease of use. RhinoReverse 2 offers to work on the command level of Rhino 4. This makes the use lean and fast.
  • Simplified data management. All data are now stored within Rhinos´s 3dm-file. Extra files will no longer be needed to store RhinoReverse´s mesh and grid information.
More Features:
  • RRMatchSrf. Like Rhino’s MatchSrf but working on trimmed surfaces.
  • RRHeal. Like RRMatchSrf but working simultaneously with all selected surfaces.
  • RRPatch. Like Rhino’s Patch but working out the trims and tolerances automatically.
  • RRCommitCurves. Gives you access to sketched Curves/intersection curves.
  • RRImportGridV1. Compatibility tool to import your old V1 grids into V2.

Please feel free to test the new version and send us your feedback!
Jörg Danzberg
RhinoReverse - Team

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