2D DXF to Rhino 3D

You can bring in the drawing and position and scale it as you suggest. It is easy enough to move the elevation part of the drawing to the front view... (See RemapCplane). But from there on out, it looks to me like you will need to redraw many if not all of the curves in Rhino. The dxf curves are very dense polyline approximations of the curves and are not really suitable for making surface geometry directly.

You should probably bludgeon your way through at least the level 1 training material (on the Rhino CD) and get fairly familiar with the curve drawing tools. The level 2 training stuff will help as well once you have a good feel for the basic tools- it has a chapter or two on aligning curves in 3d and using them to create surfaces. This project might be a good way to learn all that but I would be perpared for some false starts as there are some potentially somewhat complex shapes in there- the canopy, the vents in the cowling, etc. for example.

Attached is a file with the curves in position. A new curve drawn for the cowling, using the dxf as a reference, and a surface revolved for the cowling. You might want to do more shifting of curves to layers for clarity of course etc. but this is how I would get started.

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