Organic Text

1a,1b, and 1c are the original curves used to create the organic font. They were produced using the curve option in the standard Rhino text tool using COMIC SANS MS font. You could prepare your outlines using any curves drawn in a plane.

In column 'a' the solution leads to a blend surface
In column 'b' the solution leads to a patch surface
In column 'c' the solution leads to a network surface
In row 2 all the letter curves were rebuilt to produce less control points (in this case 20) 'a'

4a Extrude the curves to form an inner and outer surface. Use blendsrf to create the surface. Use the tangency option.

5a The finished letter 'b'

3b Copy the curves up. (I did this only to get a more vertical shape at the edge) Offset the upper curves as shown and move the offest curves up.

4b Patch all the curves using
sample - 1
u - 10
v - 10
stiffness - 0.001

5b In the front view trim the patch using the outer base curve to produce the finished letter. 'c'

3c Split the C at two points: one each 'end'.

4c Copy vertical pairs of lines below the curves (snap to near)
Blend the top end of the lines to produce section curves.

5c Using the curves of the C and the section curves create a network surface
to give the finished letter.

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