madCAM 4.0 for Rhino 4.0 Shipping

madCAM the 3D CAM plug-in for Rhinoceros® Gives the operator the ability to perform both modeling and toolpath creation inside Rhino 3D.

$1,495 until June 1, 2007
Upgrades $495

New for Rhino 4.0

Automatic Remachining Video
The remachining is calculated from the true stock model. It works for Z-level finishing and Planar finishing. It is possible to do remachining with any cutter in madCAM, Ball end, Flat End, Corner End and Taper Mill.

Taper Mill option
It is now possible to use taper cutters in madCAM.

Z-level finishing Smooth Corners option
New option for sharp or smooth corners for Z-level finishing. If the cutter can't reach corners on the model due to cutter size, it will normally produce sharp corners on the toolpath. The smooth corners option will create fillets at those corners and make it smooth even when cutting those areas.

Planar finishing Blend option
New option for blending when joining the toolpath curves for Planar finishing. This makes a smoother motion when cutting.

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