What should I do before upgrading to Rhino 4.0?

  • Uninstall the Rhino 4.0 beta if installed.
  • Save all R4 Beta plug-ins, preferences, custom shading modes, toolbars must be saved and then reloaded after the install. Note: Rhino 3.0 Plugins do not work with Rhino 4.0.
  • Run ExportOptions from Beta (if installed)
  • Exporting all non-standard display modes.
  • Save any custom display modes if you've created any (those need to be exported separately.
  • Back up your custom workspace if you have one (if you've modified the
  • Default workspace, it's imperative that you save it under another name)
  • Note any plug-ins that you might have added - those will need to be re-loaded.
  • If you have any external scripts, those will also need to be backed up for transfer (although stuff that is not included in the default install shouldn't be touched in theory).
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