Rhino Labs Multi Tools

Miscellaneous tools for the most discriminating Rhino 4.0 designers

  • ConvertDots - converts text dots to either points or text objects.
  • DupDimStyle - duplicates dimension styles.
  • HideLayersInDetail - similar to Rhino's HideInDetail command, only it hides all objects on a layer.
  • ImportDimStyles - imports dimension styles from another .3dm file.
  • ModifyRadius - changes the radius of arcs and circles.
  • ReplaceBlock - replaces a blocks with another block definition.
  • RevCloud - creates revision cloud curves.
  • SelHatch - selects hatch objects.
  • SelRenderColor - selects objects by their diffuse render color (Rhino renderer only).
  • VertexColorCreator - generates mesh vertex colors based on a meshes texture.

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