Tire Tread - Flow Along Surface

I'm trying to create a tire thread. Have a tire, and threads, and try to flow the threads along the tire surface.

Basically it always wraps the wrong way around the tire. So it's wrapping the width of the threads as opposed to the height. Eg, the thread has 3 shapes horizontally but the 3 shapes repeats 50 times vertically. I want the 50 shapes flowed (that goes vertically) but it keeps wrapping the 3 shapes that is horizontal.

I tried to change the orientation of the threads by rotating them various
way along the X, Y, Z. I thought maybe it has to do with how they are oriented. But still no luck. - Less


Your tire blank is a single surface - you need to split it so that the tire tread area matches the base surface, like the yellow surface below. Also, you'll need to trim your base surface so that the treads line up at the seam so it won't have that gap.

You'll need to do both, but if those still don't get you all the way there, you can try swapping U and V using Analyze Direction. - Hans
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